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Roma ITALIAN LANGUAGE COURSES IN ROME●since 2003 Preparation Centre for Celi/Plida/Cils Certification

Via Muzio Clementi, 18 Piano 1/int.3 Roma

(Metro A: Flaminio/Lepanto)


2022/23: The COURSES are in PRESENCE

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A few suggestions
on how to choose
the right school

Scia Moto



Look for quality courses: don’t waste your time and money.

Advanced payment is not recommended. Before enrolling in a course,
you may ask for a trial lesson. After the trial, you can make up your mind.
If you don’t like the school you can easily find a better one.

Pay attention!

Many schools give lessons which last 45 minutes and the class is formed
by 10-12 students of different levels (beginners with advanced!).

Sometimes you are promised 12 but then you get staved into 18-20 student groups.

Always ask the cost of the registration fee, and if books, preliminary test, final test with certificate are included.